5 Worst Place to Leave Your Toothbrush

Part of a great at home oral health care routine consists of brushing your teeth, flossing and rinsing at least twice a day. But what about where you put your toothbrush? Where you put it is just as important as how often you brush.

Dr. Daniel Ries, a Gresham Oregon dentist, recommends avoiding these worst places to leave your toothbrush.

1. By Your Toilet.
You know that bacteria is found by the toilet, so leaving your toothbrush close to it will cause contamination on your brush. Avoid leaving it by a flushable toilet. Even a toothbrush that is on the other side of the counter can still become contaminated. You can close the lid of the toilet when flushing for extra measures.

2. Close to young kids.
Children will put anything in their mouth because they are curious and excited to explore life. It is important to keep your toothbrush out of the reach from children to avoid mishaps, such as choking or diseases to spread.

3. Next to the disposal.
Our kitchen sink is a place of washing and removing dirt, and bacteria from food. If you leave your toothbrush by the kitchen sink or disposal you are potentially inviting bacteria to reach your toothbrush. If you brush your teeth at the kitchen sink it is best to get a cover for your brush or put your toothbrush in a drawer.

4. By a trash can.
Avoid leaving your toothbrush by a trash can. For the same reason we suggested in the other examples, particles can find their way to your toothbrush and cause more bacteria. Keep it away from the trashcan as we throw all kinds of food, garbage and dirty things away.

5. Close to the family pet.
At Gresham Smile Designs we love animals, but keeping your toothbrush by a dog or cat who often carries germs and bacteria can be bad for your smile. Aside from that many pets will try to play with, eat or chew your toothbrush, thinking it is a toy.

The best place to store your toothbrush is in a clean dry place, such as a cabinet or cupboard.

You can visit us for a replacement brush and a routine cleaning.

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