Easy Ways to Protect Your Gums from Disease

Here at Gresham Smile Designs, Dr. Daniel Ries and his compassionate staff take pride in educating our patients. We always tell them it is smart to brush and floss your teeth every day for the best oral health.

However, we understand that sometimes this is not always the case for people. Some of our patients tell us that they travel, or forget to buy new toothpaste before they run out or forget to floss every day, but this can lead to many oral health problems.

A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that almost half of the people in America, who are over 30 have periodontal disease known as gum disease. The study showed that Men account for almost 56 percent of those particular cases.
Gum disease is so common because it happens when oral health is neglected. The tissues in the mouth that surround the bone and teeth will become inflamed and cause an infection.

In most early stages of this type of gums disease, there is swelling and bleeding. When gum disease advances, the gums will show signs of receding, this makes it a lot easier for your teeth to degrade and they can fall out. The infection that happens is caused from bacteria buildup, which causes more plaque.

Here at our dentist office in Gresham, we educate our patients that the plaque and tarter on the teeth doesn’t just stop in the mouth.
The bacteria can spread under the gums and it can infect the tissue around your bones. The situation doesn’t always end in your mouth either. There are many studies that have linked periodontal disease to cancer, diabetes, and even heart disease.

You may think you have healthy gums right now, but you can never be too careful. Gum disease skyrockets over 70 percent among people 70 and older. So no matter what, it is essential you take care of your smile.

These tips can help.
Chew Sugar Free Gum
Sugar free gum is great way to fight off bacteria build up in the mouth. It can help you have a healthier smile.
Of course it will freshen your breath but chewing the gum will help strengthen your gums. Chewing gum can pull food particles away from holes and the pits of your mouth. This will keep bacteria from building up and causing more tooth decay.


Chewing gum regularly can help improve your smile because it will increase saliva production and it will keep your mouth moist. Saliva productions decreases with age.

There are a few commonly prescribed medications that cause dry mouth, which will always increase your chances of gum disease and other oral health issues.

Reduce Sticky and Chewy Foods
Oral bacteria like to feast on foods that are loaded in sugar; this is why cavities occur. Sugar-loaded foods that have a chewy, sticky, or crunchy texture can hurt your teeth. Barbecue sauce, cake frosting, desserts and even dried fruit – are not good for your teeth and gums. The sugar in these foods can stay on your teeth and cause cavities.

Reduce the consumption of these foods for optimal oral health. It is better to eat these foods in one sitting than it is to snack on these foods throughout the day. The more you expose your teeth and gums to sugar, the higher chance that bacteria will manifest, and this means higher risk for getting gum disease. Also limit or avoid drinking sugary beverages such as soda, fruit juices, and even sugar-sweetened tea or coffee.

If you want more information about gum disease please call our office or make an appointment today.

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