How To Prepare Your Teeth As You Get Older

You may have heard of preventative dentistry as it is the cornerstone of having a healthy oral health. Today, preventive dentistry is one of the more important factors in maintaining your teeth and gums for years to come. At Gresham Smile Designs, your choice for dentistry in Gresham OR, we care about your wellbeing, and want to work with you to have the smile you deserve as you age. Here are some options to help your teeth and mouth stay healthy.

Dental Education

Knowing is always half the battle, so learning about a few terms and procedures can really help you understand what is going on with your teeth and mouth. These days, cavities that are smaller can be treated with fluoride or an MI Paste, which is put right on the cavity to decalcify the enamel, resulting in actually eliminating the demand for a filling. This is just one of many advances that have been made in the last decade, so checking with your dentist to see what all your options are is a good idea.

Check Dental Restorations

It is crucial to check on any crowns, fillings, and other dental work you have in your mouth at least every eight years to see if there are any cavities or other issues that exist under these dental restorations. By being being proactive and checking more frequently, you can also save yourself the pain of procedures like root canals or other costly damage that can lead to decay and problems with teeth and gums.

Brush Right

Brushing twice a day with the right method and timing is one of the most important ways to keep your mouth healthy as you age. From electric toothbrushes, which can help those people with limited muscle abilities or arthritis, to just learning the proper way to hold and brush from a hygienist on your next visit, this simple daily task can really pay off. Make sure you are brushing for the recommended two to three minutes, that you cover your entire mouth, and that you are replacing your brush every three months to maximize tooth-brushing effectiveness.

The Importance of Mouthguards

Teeth grinding, or bruxism, can put dangerous pressure on teeth, and you may not even know you are doing it. Often, teeth grinding occurs at night, and can be brought on by stress and other factors in your daily life. If left untreated, bruxism can lead to receding gums, chipped teeth, bone or tooth loss. Ask your partner if they have noticed you grinding your teeth when you sleep, or your dentist may examine you for this on your next visit.

Find An Oral Care Routine That Works For You

There are several options out there to help with basic oral care; from mouthwashes and toothpastes to options that can be prescribed by your dentist for you particular case. Do you have sensitive teeth? Do your teeth stain often? Do you have bad gums? The answers to these questions and others can define what kind of dental patient you are and what a dentist can recommend for your particular case to keep your teeth healthy. The dentist can tell you what over-the-counter or prescription might help with your needs.

If you have any other questions on how to take care of your teeth as you age, or other dental questions, the friendly staff at Gresham Smile Designs would be happy to answer them. Contact us today.

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