Toothsome Halloween Costume Ideas from Gresham Smile Designs!

Toothsome Halloween Costume Ideas from Gresham Smile Designs!

Gresham Smile Designs is well recognized for offering the best of family dentistry in Gresham. Part of the reason for our success is that we like to get creative about care– particularly when it comes to kids. For young patients, the work of getting started on the right “foot” for a lifetime of great dental habits can manifest itself in many ways. Besides brushing and flossing– learning about dental health, talking about it, even drawing the anatomy of a mouth can all help kids understand and value their teeth.

So why not a costume? Halloween is tomorrow! Still looking for that perfect costume to sport on the big night? Well, look no further than our dentally-inspired ideas!

Many teeth

A great halloween costume for both its scariness and emphasis on teeth, the toothy predator is the way to go. Try a great white shark, a la Jaws, or a hungry crocodile. For those who still want the thrill of the supernatural, why not a werewolf? Sharp teeth are an important element for a lot of hungry animals– real, or imagined– let your kid come up with her favorite predator and make sure teeth feature prominently!

The single tooth

OK, OK. Maybe this is obvious, but there are so many ways to make a fun tooth costume, it’s hard to resist! Of course, you can purchase a tooth costume online or at a costume shop. But why not make your own? Maybe it will take the shape of a cardboard sculpture, or maybe as simple as a strategically stuffed bedsheet. Maybe your small trick-or-treater is already handy with needle and thread and makes a personally quilted masterpiece!

Is your tooth costume healthy? Is it anatomically correct, or artistically rendered? Is it a scary zombie tooth back from the dead to warn us of the hazards of not brushing properly? The possibilities are endless.

The fairy

Do you have a trick-or-treater excited about fairies or princesses? Maybe he or she would like to be the Tooth fairy! There are so many fun ways to make this costume fancy, fanciful, and with a hint of health. You can design a toot- shaped crown, or a fairy wand with a tooth at the end, maybe sparkling teeth on a fairy dress– the possibilities are endless.

More importantly, your small tooth fairy has a pretty strong soapbox to stand on when it comes to oral health and Halloween; let him or her share some dental knowledge with her friends!

The couples costume

This is a pretty popular costume among the dental professionals crowd, especially for couples. If you are two parents of a dentally minded trick-or-treater, consider the toothbrush and toothpaste duo. Again, these are costumes that you can buy, but there are lots of ways to make your own too!

Share your ideas

…And bring pictures to your next appointment! We can’t wait to see where your creativity takes you. For more idease or to make an appointment, call Gresham Smile Designs, your choice for family dentistry in Gresham.


Photo Credit: Jason Alley via Compfight cc

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