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How To Deal With Broken or Chipped Teeth

How To Deal With Broken or Chipped Teeth

Though we all try to be as careful as we can with our teeth, injuries can occur to them from time to time. From simple bruises, to small cuts in your mouth, to a cracked, broken or chipped tooth,Cosmetic Dentist in Gresham Dr. Daniel Reis at Gresham Smile Designs, works to make sure your teeth and gums stay in great shape, but understand that accidents can happen. Please read on below for our advice on what to do if you break or chip a tooth.

What Kind Of Injury Is It?

The first thing to do is to see what kind of injury has occurred. If there is a lot of blood caused by some sort of trauma to your teeth or gums, or a large cut or laceration, then calling 911 or visiting the emergency room is the best course of action. EMTs and most emergency personnel are trained to deal with this sort of wound. If you lose a tooth because of any trauma, try to find the tooth and bring it with you. Putting the tooth into a glass of milk will help it last until your dentist or orthodontist can reattach it. If the damage to your mouth was less severe and only involved a chip or crack, then it is advisable to contact your dental professional right away. Even though you may not be feeling strong pain, it is recommended to contact a dentist as quickly as possible, as there could be damage that only they could see and assess.

Why Teeth Break

Teeth can break or chip for a variety of reasons, but some frequent cases are due to cavities, weak enamel, tooth decay, having fragile teeth from root canals, or simply hitting your teeth on something hard. If there are fracture lines on the chipped tooth, then you could be more prone to damage. Lines of fracture can result in future pain or even broken teeth, and if a tooth has these lines, then it has a weak structure, and should be treated as soon as possible by a dental professional.

Treatment For A Broken Or Chipped Teeth

When you finally do visit the dentist with your chipped or broken tooth, treatments will most likely involve one or more of of the following; reshaping the tooth for a crown, adding a dental veneer, or a fillings for the tooth. In some cases, if the the tooth is damaged too severely, then the dentist will perform an extraction or root canal. If the tooth was broken at the gum line, then the dentist could suggest other treatment methods. For most, less severe cases though, the dentist will reshape the tooth or fill it. If after the initial treatment, you still experience pain when eating or drinking, or with cold or hot items in your mouth, the dentist may have to use other treatments.
Dr. Reis and his helpful staff at Gresham Smile Designs are available to assist with all your dental needs as a premiere family and cosmetic dentist in Gresham. If you find yourself with a broken or chipped tooth, please call our office as soon as you can.



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